Hi, Come meet our
passionate &
determined crew.

We’re a diverse team of designers, content creators, marketers, and creatives who are passionate about new technology, new companies, and new challenges. We deliver creative solutions across three key business areas: branding & graphic design, web design & development, and digital marketing.


We’re Brand Stylists.

U1R is a Mumbai-headquartered design agency. We work with you and your business to put your best face forward to the world. While we are creatively driven, we also understand the cost and time pressures most businesses face. Our combined skills of strategy, design, marketing and digital technology, help create cut-through outcomes that achieve real-world results.


Team U1R

Karlyle Gomes


Lavesh Khairajani


Vinayak Boga

Web Developer

Anushka Ashok

Social Media Executive

Manavi Arya

Social Media Executive

Maurice Gomez


Hanisha Tirumalasetty

Designer & Illustrator

Subham Malakar

Video Designer

Makrand Rane

Video Designer

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