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The U1R team works seamlessly to ensure a consistent crossflow of strategy, creativity, branding and messaging integrated across media & communications - both online and offline.

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  • 5 star review  Karlyle and his team are a very creative and professional unit.. one of the few teams I have seen that listen carefully and deliver on time.. Excellent branding fundamentals and a great understanding of the clients segment.. Keep up the great work guys...

    thumb Jai sreedhar
  • 5 star review  I've worked with U1R on quite a few projects over the years and finally on my own! The logo design, brand identity and website of Punk Lemon is amazing. It has been our best project so far and I love every bit of it. The team had been so great with every bit and bob at unearthly hours as well. They make sure they satisfy ALL of your needs (I had some pretty unusual ones) and do it at warp speed too! They have also answered every query and have explained in detail the things I didn't understand. Thanks a ton guys! Look forward to working with you again 🙂

    thumb Jill DSouza
  • 5 star review  Nothing but good things to say about Lavesh, Karlyle and their awesome team. Prior to contracting with them for a project, we had terrible experiences with other software developers (like most people have!). But with Under One roof, we’ve been blown away, not only by their competence, but also by their passion and professionalism. Most developers out there have a single minded agenda which is to only do what’s in the ‘scope of work’ and they will be extremely difficult about their terms and conditions with you. So, If you need to make a decision on hiring an agency for any project, look no further than these guys. We listened to our gut and trusted them and you should too!

    thumb Team EASA
  • 5 star review  I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you have done on our website. I am very pleased with the final product.I’m so glad I selected your Company. You made it a pleasure to work with you from the initial conversation of the concept of my website, through content development and page layout to the final roll out of the site. The part I enjoyed best was your professionalism and your ability to get things turned around in a timely fashion. I have been pleased to continue to use your services to monitor and tweak my website to make it indeed a valuable asset for my business.

    thumb Vinayak Boga
  • 4 star review  U1R co-created our app.While their forte is design, their keen understanding of business needs helped improve and introduce several features in the app.

    thumb swati bengali
  • 5 star review  Karlyle, has worked on many projects with for us for many years and we couldn't be happier. He has a strong design sense, articulates our ideas to a T and understands the needs of a modern business across different industries.From an artistic standpoint, Under One Roof did a wonderful job of taking our ideas and expressing them visually. On the business side, they were very professional, met all deadlines and kept all projects within quoted prices.Karlyle, is always responsive and available for any changes or urgent design needs required and that is very important to us at Crossing Travel. We wish them the very best for the future. Keep it up!

    thumb Sangeeta Sadarangani
  • 5 star review  Thank you UnderOneroof since 2007 for all the marketing and website help youl have given us

    thumb Nirbhay Sohal
  • 5 star review  We have worked with U1R on many different projects and we keep coming back to them for their understanding of our needs and great delivery. Keep up the great work guys.

    thumb Viren Batra
  • 5 star review  This is a very efficient team that always has a solution to tackle any problem your brand might be facing. My team was limited to digital and website work but my conversations with Karlyle and Lavesh spanned the whole brand ecosystem. It was fun and they were available on call no matter the task. Good luck with all your endeavours team UOR 👍🏁

    thumb levi Koshi
  • 5 star review  I've dealt with Karlyle directly through a reference. Being out of india, my requirements included a design of brochures + building a logo + website designing. I've used him for 2 completely different jobs unrelated to each other.The brochures designing and quality delivered was excellent. On time and delivered to my destination.The website was done perfectly.Although I had to do the write up for both places, the only improvement I had mentioned was to have more creativity on the write up side as I was running out of ideas.Overall, service, delivery, and honesty which Karlyle and UnderOneRoof deal with is excellent!! Excellent value for money.I used him in 2015 for the brochure and 2016-17 for the website design.

    thumb Ravi Bhatia
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