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So what exactly is a logo and what does it do? By definition, it’s a recognizable and distinctive graphic design, stylized name, unique symbol or any other device that gives your brand identification. This logo is included in all your advertising, your buildings, communications, stationery, and all the collaterals that we will help you build for your brand. Your logo is your first step into building a brand manual, the guide that keeps all your design on the straight and arrow.

Although they’re both two distinctive features of a business, they’re equally important. A logo is a way to put an image to your brand and what you’re doing. It’s a form of communication. It gives your business identity and provides a foundation for your future branding endeavours.
Where a logo makes your identity, a brand manual defines it and how it should be used. It helps to make a connection between the identity, the logo and the message..

All business have a brand that they cultivate over time. Consumers judge a business on the basis of its looks and how it communicates with the outside world. Therefore, we know how important it is to have a brand manual or guide as it sets out fundamental rules about not just its business values but also its logo, colour, typography, imagery, adverts, stationery and messaging, which we will create for you from the ground up.

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