Employment Terms Policies


  • Your Position (Designation), Roles & Responsibilities, Joining Date, Compensation and related terms would be as defined in your Offer & Appointment letter shared with you. Kindly refer to that for specific regarding your appointment and employment in the Agency
  • Validity Term: The contract and your appointment are intended to be valid for a minimum period of 1 year from the date of joining. Extendable for the entire period of your employment with the Agency.

Employment Regulations:

All terms related to your employment, including but not limited to confidentiality, indemnification, and other operational policies, are listed here below. It is your responsibility to review and familiarize yourself with these policies.

You will undertake, that while in the employment of the Agency, and for a period of 12 months after separation from the Agency, for any reason whatsoever, you will:

  • Keep confidential and not disclose to any unauthorized persons
    (a) All Agency information, business and financial interests,
    (b) Agency intelligence, consisting of sensitive research, either acquired or in the process of being carried out
    (c) Technical capability and
    (d) Commercial intelligence disclosed to you and/ or acquired by you during your employment
  • Not employ, use and/or engage the confidential information for personal gain, external promotion and/or any purposes other than the business of the Agency.
  • Not seek or obtain employment or consultancy directly or indirectly with any other Agency/ organization or their associates, which is in competition with UnderOneRoof and/or its Clients.
  • Solicit or endeavor to entice any employee or person involved, directly or indirectly, from any of the Agency’s operations.
  • Ownership of Work: Any work, intellectual property, or creations developed or produced during your tenure at the Agency are the exclusive property of U1R and its clients. You shall not claim, share, or use such work for personal promotion, portfolio showcase or on personal websites.

Working Hours & Leave Policy:

  • This agreement assumes a full-time standard work week (Monday – Saturday, 9 – 6 or 10 – 7) and a maximum of 24 days of paid leave per year of employment. Paid Leave cannot be availed without prior approval from your supervisor. Please note that part-time employees are not offered paid leave.
  • As a full-time committed employee, you will have no objection to working extra hours in the morning and/or the evening according to the requirements of the job and to accommodate additional compressed deadlines when needed. this may be compebsated by assigned time-off during days when the work load allows it
  • For periods of leave exceeding 2 working days, you are required to provide a minimum notice of 7 working days to your supervisor. This allows for adequate planning and ensures minimal disruption to ongoing projects. The Agency reserves the right to deny leave based on operational requirements.


  • Employee Liability: In the event that a client or any third party takes legal action against U1R based on alleged negligence, misconduct, or wrongful acts on your part during the course of your employment, you agree to indemnify and hold U1R, its officers, directors, and employees harmless from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including legal fees arising out of or related to such actions.
  • Cooperation in Legal Proceedings: You agree to fully cooperate with U1R in the defense of any claim or legal action, including providing all necessary information, documents, and testimony. Failure to cooperate may result in a breach of this agreement.
  • Company Discretion: U1R reserves the right to take any necessary action to protect its interests, including but not limited to settling claims or participating in legal proceedings, and you agree to abide by the decisions made by U1R in this regard.
  • Confidentiality of Legal Matters: You agree to keep all legal matters and discussions related to claims, disputes, or legal actions strictly confidential and shall not disclose any information to third parties without the explicit consent of U1R.

Other Terms:

  • During your employment, you will be bound by the Agency’s Rules and Regulations framed and enforced from time to time. The Agency reserves the right to amend or alter the said Rules and Regulations at its discretion, without any notice thereof, and these will be deemed as Rules and Regulations in terms of your employment. It is the your responsibility to stay informed about any and all updates.
  • After confirmation, either party, by stating their intention to do so, in writing may terminate this employment at any time, provided that at least one month’s notice or salary in lieu thereof is given.
  • However, in the event of your being guilty of misconduct or inattention or negligence in the discharge of your duties or in the conduct of the Agency’s business, or of any breach of the terms and conditions herein, the Agency reserves its right to terminate your services at any given point of time, with immediate effect, without any compensation or notice.

Termination of Employment:

  • Return of Agency Property: Upon termination of employment, you are required to promptly return all Agency property, including but not limited to laptops, access cards, mobile devices, and any other materials or equipment belonging to U1R.
  • Surrender of Credentials: It is mandatory to surrender all access credentials, including but not limited to login details for Agency & Client systems, stock accounts, email accounts, and any other accounts or platforms associated with your role.
  • Handover of Working Files: Prior to the termination date, you must ensure the complete handover of all working and final files developed for clients during the term of your employment. This includes, but is not limited to, documents, designs, codes, and any other work product. Failure to provide a comprehensive handover may result in the withholding of your full & final settlement until such time that the handover is deemed complete.
  • Continuation of Confidentiality Obligations: The confidentiality obligations outlined in this letter shall continue beyond the termination of your employment, and you are bound to refrain from using or disclosing any company-related information or property after the termination date..
  • Full & Final Settlement: The full & final settlement of your employment, including any pending dues, benefits, or entitlements, will be processed only upon the completion of all surrender and handover obligations outlined in this policy.
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