Website Requirements

by admin, October 15, 2016

What is the your business and how will your Web site advance it? What message is the website supposed to convey?

Who is the primary audience for the website (Demographics)?
Their professions, disciplines, age and interests? (If the target is a broad-based,international audi

Site Purpose: What do you want the user to do when they get to your site?
What are your goals for the web site in terms of visitor actions?
What do you think your site user should accomplish on your site?

What is it that you require — a mobile app, social media integration and/or website design and coding?
If it's a mobile app or social media, please give us your requirements.

Do you need a website that can work smoothly on mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy (Android) and the iPhone (iOS)? This means the site has to be a “Responsive Design” which adjusts dynamically to various screen sizes and resolutions.
Please note that this usually means added time and considerable cost (1.5-2 times the cost) since we need to design a separate site layout for this purpose

Do you need a catalogue for the site?
A catalogue helps you display for instance a range of products in an organized manner.

Do you need a copywriter? If you are using existing copy on your current website, will it need to be modified in any way?

Would you like your work/products to be professionally shot?
We offer photography services or you can have it done at your end, but please ensure professional quality of photography since it can really impact the website.

Do you need web a domain name and hosting for the website?
A domain name is the name of your website. You need to register for this. We can suggest some sites. Hosting needs depend on the sophistication of your site. We can discuss if you need assistance.

Would you like a Static or Dynamic website?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_tta_accordion][vc_tta_section title="Static Site" tab_id="1476532120914-99265d4c-abad"][vc_column_text]A site where one only focuses on how it looks on the internet. There is no ability to modify content and the developer is required to make the slightest change These are cheaper & faster to develop. Running costs are also low as there is no database or back-end programming required.
Static sites are good for you if you don't make too many updates to your site — less than one update in 3-4 months. To go from a static to a dynamic site would be considered working from scratch. Static sites are cheaper in the short-run, however, for the long-term
we recommend Dynamic sites.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section]
[vc_tta_section title="Dynamic Site" tab_id="1476532121070-c1969215-bf24"][vc_column_text]A site where the client can make changes (within some agreed parameters). How much change and extent of change depends on the requirements, cost & time. Highly flexible and can support dynamic features like user Login, database etc. The dynamic nature implies heavier cost in terms of development, running costs and maintenance.
Dynamic sites are of different grades also. (Discussion required) We recommend dynamic sites over static sites especially if you make more than one update every 3-4 months. A dynamic site gives you control on your content. Additionally, more features and upgrades are possible on a dynamic site.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_accordion][/vc_column][/vc_row]

What of the following sections/features would you want in the site (other than Home, About and Contact)

 Catalog Gallery / Slide Show News Events Calendar Press Blog: if yes will this be a custom blog for the site or a link to an existing blog? Support user Login Based on type of user have different functionalists (Portals) E-Commerce E-Com : Single Currency E-Com : Multi Curren Feedback Form Contact Form Login You expect the Site to Send Mailers / Email automatically You want people to be able to RATE things on your site Some Unique / Custom functionality

If you plan to update content, do you have content writers and people who can create content (including images) for you?

What kind of content do you plan to update? Select any of the following and mention what is not in the list:
 Simple Text with formatting, color, fonts & links Content; but with different formatting styles <-- You want to be able to control the format of the content, multi columns etc [For this the tools are provided link WYSIWYG editors, but for a professional look your authors/staff should understand HTML. Gets complex, would require discussion to know how best to solve this need Documents Images Complex Animation / effects / graphics

How will you attract visitors to your site? Are you looking for Search Engine Optimization/Google rankings (SEO)? Are you willing to spend extra for advanced SEO?
The best way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization. which enable users to find your site easier through Google just as you found us. Costs are based on the level of optimization you need. We also provide Google Analytics (GA) for you to analyise the profile of the visitors to your site as well as what aspect they are interested. We provide GA on a page or site level. Page level is recommended for more detailed information.

Do you intend to have any financial transactions online now or in the near future?
If so, would you like an e-commerce capability on your website?
This enables you to accept credit card and pay pal transactions on your site. Please be aware that due to the paperwork involved it could take up to 2-3 months to activate this feature so we should start with the paperwork as soon as we start the design.

What is the duration you need this site to be up, before you think you need to revamp or change it in a major way?

Are you willing to consider spending on Online Marketing, like via Facebook or Google Ad words?

How frequently will you expect/do you update it?

Do different people have different Roles/Permissions to manage the site?

All sites are built for English audiences, do you wish additional languages? (The cost of a multi-lingual site is much higher)

What is its tone and the tone of the website?
Please use 2-5 adjectives. For instance, is it happy, playful, exciting etc? Please use single words only. No phrases.

Favorite Sites: Please list 3-5 websites you like. Include the URL, what you like about each site, and what you would improve upon?

Least favorite sites: Please list 3-5 websites you don’t like, Include the URL. What don’t you like about these sites? What redeeming qualities to they have?

Selling points: tell us why you, your products or your services are better than your competition.

Site no no’s: Do you have any definite remarks on what you don’t want to have on your website?
For instance, the color pink. Sharing why you don’t want a feature will help us get an understanding of your user experience tastes, so feel free to elaborate.

Please list 5 (or more) adjectives that you think describe your company or should describe your company in order of relevance / importance.

Competitors: are there any websites that you would consider your “competition”?
Feel free to provide more information on how they are your “competition”, but, at minimum, provide for each competitor, include the company name, web address, and a list of “key terms” that describe what they do and/or sell.

Would you like a more “corporate” (template based) site such as or a more experimental site where almost all pages have a different feel, such as

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